Your hands are the most powerful cleaning device on the planet

When we realized this, we were destined to create The Original Scrubglove.

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The Scrubglove is designed to make cleaning better

By maximizing the potential scrub control offered by your hands we rely on nature for all the work. That means your hands just need a scrub for scrubbing – and a protective glove to stay beautiful!

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The idea is simple, but practical use takes innovation

You could use the Scrubglove for anything, we use them all around the house and sometimes even on the floors! When we need something truly scrubbed, we get down and dirty!

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Our Prototype is Super Comfy and Sheds Some Light.

We’re trying to make an everyday task better here, and that’s normally not so easy. So we charge just the minimum we can for shipping. While getting the glove on your hands and hearing what you have to say for us makes it priceless!

The Starter Pack

Get Hands On and Help Us Innovate With The Starter Pack

If your hands could talk, they’d say yes to the Scrubglove! They keep your fingers clean and dry, and the attached sponges make scrubbing more easy and effective.

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Get your hands in a pair of Scrubgloves

12.95 per pack, taxes & shipping are included

Simple pricing, 30 day money back guarantee, and a whole new way to clean.

  • Price: $12.95
    A pair of Scrubgloves with 2 Scrub pads.
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    Taxes & shipping included