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The scrubglove is the simple, yet clever cleaning device that lets you clean just about anything while keeping your hands dry, safe and most importantly, CLEAN! Visit our page to learn more about the Scrubglove

Scrubpads are replaceable scouring pads designed to work perfectly with the ScrubGlove. The back side is lined with mini-velcro to make removing and adding a new Scrubpad as easy as possible.

The ScrubGlove, ScrubPads and ScrubBrush are only available on our website and on Amazon, shipped directly to you

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We also hold a verifiable license with our merchant. Keep in mind we also accept PayPal payments and our products are available on as well!

With normal usage, a pair of Scrubgloves will last for at least 2-3 months.

Depending on usage, the ScrubPads are typically good for about a week – which is the same amount of time you should replace to keep it clean! We don’t recommend microwaving or putting in the dishwasher – all that does is stink up your house & get the rest of your dishes dirty. The only clean ScrubPad is a new ScrubPad.

It’s completely up to you & depends on what you’re cleaning. We think it works well when cleaning utensils & smaller objects around the house.

The ScrubBrush is the essential tool to keep your ScrubGlove clean & free of debris. The stainless steel bristles are super strong and can remove dirt & particles that can build up on the mini-velcro of the ScrubGlove. Clean as necessary.

Every now & then, some of the bonding glue will seep through the Velcro & harden into small white bubbles. Although it might look dirty, it’s just left over residue and has no effect on the use of the ScrubGlove

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Call or even text us at (818) 934-4606

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Tom is a California native and family man whose always maintained a tight ship in the kitchen and around the house. The sparking moment occurred when he realized how ineffective and messy those cheap yellow gloves and boring square sponges can be. Tom has committed more than a decade of trial and experimentation to make an awesome glove! Learn more…

Scrubbing with the Scrubglove is as easy and natural as using your hands. The aligning of the Scrubpad to your individual fingers makes you feel powerful and free.  We guarantee that you’ll love using your Scrubglove and offer a 30 day full refund with no questions asked.