Behind The Glove

Tom in the kitchen when he invented the Scrubglove

The lightbulb moment occured 12 years ago

I was doing the dishes in my cramped kitchenette in Sherman Oaks, CA and realized how difficult & unsanitary cleaning really was – there had to be a better way…

Cheap & flimsy yellow gloves that rip apart after just a few uses – No Thanks!

Using a square sponge to clean those hard to reach areas – So Frustrating!

Touching old, disgusting sponges and spreading all those germs & bacteria – Forget about it!

I was ready for a change…

That’s why I created the Scrubglove

I call it the sponge scrub you wear like a glove. And it answers to all the problems I used to face when scrubbing dishes.

  • It’s long lasting AND super comfortable

  • My hands stay away from chemicals and germs

  • I never have to deal with dirty sponges

I’m Ready – Let’s Do This!

Getting started is easy & risk free

We put together a starter package to help you get the full experience. And afterwards, you’ll receive replacement pads as you need them. If you don’t like the Scrubglove, simply send it back and cancel anytime.

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