Scrubpads align with your palm and fingers to create a unique scrubbing experience. They give total control over your hands too! Just as how cleaning was meant to be.

Here are some quick facts…

  • Scrubpads are high quality scouring pads that align perfectly to your palm & fingers

  • The patented mini velcro design lets you peel off and attach new pads in seconds

  • Scrubpads are available for monthly delivery, letting you always keep things clean and save

Scrubpads Pair With The Scrubglove

When Scrubpads have taken care of enough dirty work, it’s time for new recruits.
Visit our store to get your Scrubglove and Scrubpads today!

The Scrub Shop

The Scrubglove

  • Extremely Durable

  • Comfy Inside Lining

  • Designed In Los Angeles, CA

  • A Whole New Way To Clean